Fashionable Suede Boots – What to Wear in 2018

Fashionable suede boots – Suede is one of the most sought-after materials this season. Boots made of this material are universal and convenient. If they provide proper care, then they will last for many years. Let’s figure out what this season’s fashion colors, elements and styles for suede boots. These tips will help you choose the most suitable model. Suede is the same skin, but processed by special technology. This material is ideal for winter or autumn season. Since this is an elastic material, the boots take the shape of your feet. Modern suede manufacturing technologies make it resistant to ultraviolet, water and pollution.

The classic options include boots from suede black. This kind of shoes will slant your legs and fit almost any outfit. Black suede high-heeled boots will help create a feminine image, thanks to a spectacular shape. In combination with a black dress, they can be worn at a party. Add an image can be with the help of a clutch and a coat of brighter shades.Gray suede boots are especially popular. The photo shows interesting options. This is a universal and indispensable footwear, which will suit any wardrobe. The length of such shoes can vary. For business attire fit models to the knee or higher. For everyday use, any length is suitable, and for a cocktail version – boots-stockings. Brown shoes look luxurious and exquisite. It is worth remembering that they require special care, as the material of brown color quickly loses an attractive appearance. In this case, it is better to avoid monotonous ensembles. Add a color pattern or a print to complement the image.

Caring for suede shoes is not so simple, but this should not stop real connoisseurs of these boots. To ensure that they last longer, use simple rules: Preventive measures. Immediately after purchase, the surface must be treated with special protective compounds. Modern sprays will help create a protective layer that will prevent the accumulation of dirt and snow. First, the footwear is wiped with a dry cloth, and then a water repellent compound is applied. Cleaning. At once it is necessary to get a special brush with a porous surface, and also rubber for cleaning of fatty spots. To restore a rough surface, use a crepe brush. Useful tips will help you make the right choice. Quality suede shoes are not only beautiful and stylish, but also practical and convenient. From a wide variety of models, you can choose the right option.