Stylish Jeans for Women 2018 – Fashion Trends and Combinations

Stylish jeans for women – One of the fashion trends in 2018 are the boyfriend jeans. Stylists finally saved us from tight fitting models and offered a more comfortable and comfortable version of denim trousers. The word “boyfriends” in English means “friends”, “guys.” It is easy to guess that such models should be as close to the products of the most simple cut without any finishing. However, the slits and scuffs that came to us from the clothing of punks continue to be relevant. According to Chanel, there is more sexuality in men’s clothing than in lightest outfits or corsets. According to fashion trends, women’s jeans in 2018 in the style of the boyfriend should look exactly this way, as if for a while they were borrowed from our men’s wardrobe. However, such jeans only mimic a man’s cut. Appetizing female forms are still visible in them, but they are only slightly drawn, but not emphasized. They should fit a figure only at the level of the upper part of the thighs. Models Boyfriend Jeans have several varieties: narrowed: not too tight in the hips and narrow below. Loose: at the bottom are narrowed, but in the upper part their cut is freer. Wide: in the hip region is very loose, the bottom is also rather narrow.

However, stylists assert that the most relevant model is a wide flare coming from the hip. After all, they are ideal for women with wide hips, and skinny ladies – due to their width they are able to compensate for the missing volume. It is not necessary to wear the flare from the hip only to full women of small stature – the wide pants will visually make them even lower. The flare can be the same across the entire width of the trousers, and also expand further below. The first option is more like a classic straight jeans. Advanced flap down can visually balance the top and bottom of the body and hide the flaws of the figure. For the present, fashion is also preserved on trousers with a low landing, including in gloves. However, models with a high waist return to the podiums. This cut is not only able to hide the small flaws in the figure, but also visually extend the legs. The flush, just like the moms, can be painted not only in classical colors. Perhaps there are no things that could not be combined with jeans. They can be worn as with sweaters, and with shirts, tops, blouses or vests, jackets or even tailcoats. But that the clothes do not look baggy, with wide gloves it is better to wear a tight and short top.