Men’s Hairstyle for Round Face 2017

Men’s Hairstyle for Round Face 2017 – Choosing the right men hairstyle for round face and appropriate for round face type is not too easy. If the selected model is not right, you might look fatter and chubby than the real one. But that does not mean getting the right hairstyle for a round face is an impossible thing, so do not give up. You can choose a short hairstyle like a spike model that can strengthen facial accents and reveal an oval silhouette in advance. You can also choose a square hair model with the right and left sides remain short and maximize the volume of hair at the top. But you also need to avoid the model of male hair that is too short or too long to shoulder because it will clarify the round shape of your face. You can add bangs and certainly does not make the face look more round. The following models are suitable for round face: