Fashionable Gavrosh Haircut for Women

Fashionable gavrosh haircut for women – No wonder they say that everything new is a well-forgotten old. Fashion has some kind of cycle, and often the podium is winning models reminiscent of those that were in honor yet with our grandmothers and moms. Haircuts are no exception. Yes, they are slightly modified and adjusted to adapt to modern realities. But the techniques that come to us from the past are gaining popularity, because they look original, bright and present the master and the girls a huge space for imagination and experiments. One of these haircuts, gavrosh, came to us from the 70’s. To understand what the haircuts are, you need to see how it looked in the distant 70’s. Its main idea is the difference in the length of the hair, this is a multi-level haircut, in which the hair on the temples and bangs are greatly shortened, on the sides are strands of medium length, and behind the hair fall on the neck and shoulders.

Now we know the peculiarities of this technique and a little glance into its past. But our goal is not to look old-fashioned, but to choose for ourselves stylish, original solutions! Will the haircut gavrosh fit modern women? The answer is: no doubt yes! One of the main advantages of haircut gavrosh is its versatility. Changing the length of the strands, hair color and way of laying, you can create completely different images, from catchy, but elegant and rebellious.