New Haircuts for a Square Face 2018

Haircuts for a square face 2018 – It is believed that the owners of this type of person got the toughest, even rude features: heavy chins, sharply outlined cheekbones, wide foreheads … But this does not mean that a lady with this type of appearance cannot look charming and feminine. Finding a successful short haircut for a square face is one of the most difficult tasks that you can put before a hairdresser. In order to satisfy the result, one must possess either an abyss of taste or a great experience, since short strands hide nothing and do not smooth out anything. Here are new haircuts for a square face 2018 that will give inspiration for your hair.

Women, naturally endowed with square faces, choose two dangers when choosing a hairstyle: inadvertently emphasize the heavy cheekbones and chin instead of intelligently softening them, and “flatten” the face, which in fact should try to draw with the help of long strands at the temples and an additional volume on the vertex. Calculating women with square faces in the crowd is not difficult. They have symmetrical, though angular features, broad cheekbones, massive, clearly outlined lower jaws, low foreheads roughly coinciding in width with cheeks and chin, and, as a rule, large expressive eyes. Physiognomists claim that women with this type of appearance have an impressive willpower and purposefulness. And even more sexuality, which you only need to be able to emphasize, cleverly masking the few shortcomings of your face and placing emphasis on the merits.