Stylish White Blouses Models 2018

Stylish White Blouses Models 2018 will you find in this article, should be in the wardrobe of every woman. It is desirable to have several blouses that are suitable for different occasions. Combining a blouse with different accessories, you can achieve an impressive effect. On how to choose this piece of clothing and what it is best to wear, you will learn from this article. A simple white blouse without ruches, flounces and other ornaments should be worn by every woman. The blouse should resemble a man’s shirt: simple enough cut, a qualitative fabric, and strict lines. A white blouse does not have to be strict and concise. If you want to create a feminine, gentle image, pay attention to models decorated with embroidery and lace. By the way, white and embroidered will look very gently and elegantly. It is almost invisible from the side, but it emphasizes your good taste and refinement.

What is this blouse for? It’s very simple: it can easily be combined with almost any elements of the wardrobe. Strict pants, jacket or vest – and you can go to the office. Pants can be replaced by a pencil skirt up to the knee or even shorts of straight cut (if, of course, this allows the dress code of the organization in which you work). Jeans, large jewelry made of wood or plastic and loose hair will create a cottage-image for walking with friends or gatherings in a cafe.