Fashionable Hairstyle Pompadour 2018

Fashionable hairstyle pompadour 2018 – The vintage hairstyle of Pompadour is now very fashionable. You can meet her both on men and women, but the stronger sex chooses her more often. Prefer such a hairstyle of men of different ages and different kinds of activities. Hairdressers are engaged in continuous improvement of this image, adding various elements to it. Of course, the modern “Pompadour” has a number of distinctive features from that hairstyle, which was created from the very beginning. The main characteristic of the hairstyle is a different length of hair on the central part and a lateral and large volume, concentrated at the top. Here is fashionable hairstyle pompadour 2018 that will give inspiration for you.
You can do it with scissors or with a typewriter. Then short hair is cut short on the occipital part. After that, the strands of the central zone are divided into two parts. In the haircut, the top of the head is first treated; make sure that there is the same contrast in length between short and long strands. After processing the occipital part, all the head of hear rises and is combed back. It is very popular now to create a Pompadour style hairstyle using the effect of wet hair. The main thing is to choose the right amount of styling. Apply should not be on the ends and not even along the entire length, but only at the roots, then the hairstyle as a whole will be very neat. But, before applying the product clean hair, you need to dry and give them the right shape. You can also apply gel to whiskey.