Fashionable Californian Hair Styling – On Dark and Light Curls

Fashionable Californian hair styling – California hair styling following the fashion trends in 2018 and the girls increasingly prefer the California highlights. Most Californian highlighting is suitable for creating a contrast between the light and dark parts of the strand, in contrast to the rattles and ombre, the variety of which it is. Effectively and aesthetically looks on blond and dark hair. The procedure received its name from the resulting effect of burnt hair. It resembles a holiday on the warm beaches of California, where the hair turns color under the influence of sunlight. You can play on the contrast of hues or choose gentle pastel transitions. Everything depends only on the desire of the owner of the head of hair. From the technique of the rocker, Californian highlighting differs in the richness of shades and the combination of several colors from the palette. Here are fashionable Californian hair stylings that will give inspiration for your style.