Fashionable Women’s Autumn Shoes with Low Heels – Stylish Models 2018

Fashionable models In 2018, designers and stylists emphasize luxury. It can be emphasized in many ways in the choice of shoes. For example, high-quality expensive varieties of leather and suede look expensive and natural on the foot. In the trend of the season, juicy bright shades. Modern classics are closed ballet flats in red or cherry color. They fit any style and image and look elegant. What is fashionable in autumn-2018? Increasingly popular is finding shoes with a sharp toe. A mandatory condition for such models is a low heel. Such shoes are comfortable, practical and fashionable. They allow you to lead an active lifestyle and at the same time look stylish. The main criteria for women of fashion – a beautiful appearance and convenience of the model. How to make the right choice among a variety of options, you need to listen to the recommendations of professional stylists. How to choose shoes? Shoes with a low heel are primarily designed for schoolgirls and teenagers, as well as women with too wide or narrow foot. Models are great for everyday wear: office visits, walks in the park, games with children, shopping trips. Among the advantages of low-heel shoes is safety for health. High models are often the cause of many diseases, so they are better worn for the release. For everyday wear, choose comfortable shoes.

With what to wear low-heeled shoes in the fall? Mostly women and girls choose high-heeled shoes, believing that only they can emphasize the beauty of the legs, change the gait for the better and add the image of femininity. However, a properly selected model of comfortable autumn shoes with a low heel can emphasize the advantages not worse. Plus, they are universal in that they fit almost any style. The main thing is to learn how to correctly combine them with clothes.

Among the popular ingredients in it is possible to distinguish lacquered skin, flexible plastic, velvet. Classic leather and suede are not outdated. In the design collection there is an imitation of reptile skin. Heel also gets this color. Stamping for snake skin is often painted in gold. The original fashion designer’s decision – shoes made of solid, warm, transparent material from above. Effective texture and rich colors are the main advantages of popular velvet. Although careful in care, for dry autumn weather, it becomes the main texture of the new season. When choosing colors and prints, you must pay attention to the shoe model that attracts attention.