African American Hairstyles 2017

African American Hairstyles 2017 – African-American hairstyles come a full circle with the introduction of designs, particularly for black women suitable. The African American hair has built a body in that. Because of their curly, wavy pattern, it can be styled in many ways. So if you are in a rut style and are considering changing your styling, then here is a list of hairstyles for African American women.

The short hairstyles for black women are sassy and sporty and be a great way to her beautiful facial features emphasize. With a short hairstyle, African American women alternately carry straight or adding a hint of curls or just let it curl naturally. For those with straight hair, try the classic bob short haircuts or just select a “Halle Berry” layered hairstyle. For relaxed hair, styling they try in waves with a hair gel or get the sexy look with the windy and flips.

One of the most popular African American hairstyles, hair braiding designs an integral part of African-American culture. From the simplest of the three strand braids to the complex micro braids and cornrow styles, braid hairstyles a versatile option for styling natural black hair. Although it fits especially the people with long hair, women can with shorter hair use hair extensions, let the braids the hair. “Big Box” braids, also known as the Goddess braids are created by braiding synthetic hair in large plaits. But remember that the hair cannot braid too tightly cause hair loss and thinning.