Fashionable Dress with a Flounce on the Shoulder

Fashionable dress with a flounce on the shoulders – Flounce have undoubted advantages, visually giving the volume where it is needed (for example, on the chest or hips), and dress from the ordinary turns into the original. They are equally elegant on blouses and dresses, short summer and long evening. And to inspire you, let us begin, perhaps, with an abundance of models, which, of course, adorn these wonderful creatures – flounces, cut from the usual piece of fabric. Are you ready to see the tempting prospects for new knowledge? Flounces are made from thin, light, flowing fabrics. For a shuttle on a summer dress, chiffon, cambric or chintz will fit. For long – natural silk or satin. In clothes intended for cool weather, it is better to use soft knitwear or fine wool. The wedding attire allows already a combination of several types of fabrics. This can be an organza or chiffon, gas or lace. Shuttlecock stitched from neoprene, keep in shape. And if we take into account that the material is presented in bright colors on the market, while it itself perfectly passes the air and is comfortable for the body, its use for tailoring summer clothes is justified. Here are fashionable dress with a flounce on the shoulders that will give inspiration for your style.

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