Fashionable Double Jacket on Nails 2018

Fashionable double jacket on nails  – A real find for fashionistas is a double jacket on nails. The elegant fringing of the nail emphasizes the femininity of the feminine handle, gives a clear finish to the design. The original variant with square nails gradually transforms and becomes less actual. A variety of forms and drawings on the basis of a French allow you to use this technique of manicure for everyday life and for solemn events. Adding sparkles and rhinestones, you can get a sparkling New Year’s edition. Let’s talk about a double jacket. For the main color, you can choose not only classic neutral tones. Any color varnish will do. This technique is difficult to perform, and requires some experience and accuracy. A double smile is made on the tip of the nail. This kind of manicure requires a sufficient length of the nail plate, on short nails it is not performed. It is better to do this on the nail plates. Drawing is a difficult task, it must be the same on both hands. Another version of this technique is the rim at the base of the nail bed, the moon manicure. Adding a second strip hides the boundary between the overgrown plate and the varnish. One strip is made at the base of the nail, the second – on the tip. This option also takes place. Strips can be combined in color as shades of one tone or be contrast. One of them can be made shiny or put out with rhinestones. There are a lot of options for a double jacket on nails.

Double manicure can be used for everyday wear and for creating a festive image. Suitable color and even dark colors for the base. Original looks black frosted frosted jacket with a varnish and a shiny smiley. It is important that the colors in such a complex pattern are in harmony with each other. Most often it is performed by gel-varnish. You can not worry about the perfect condition of the nails for a long time. The natural foundation tones smooth out the boundary between the varnish and the overgrown nail. Double jacket – it’s smart, practical and stylish.

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