Bright and Stylish Striped Dress – Trend 2018

Stylish striped dress – If you decide to buy a fashionable dress in stripes, photos of actual models will help you choose a style according to the type of figure. In 2018, designers offer a variety of options, so even full girls can afford such clothes. So how to choose a dress so that the stripes do not weight the silhouette? Let’s look at the current models together and get acquainted with the stylists recommendations on the combination of clothes with footwear and accessories.Striped clothing is often associated with prisoners, sailors, clowns. However, recently the trends have changed. It is important to learn how to wear a striped dress so that there are no undesirable comparisons. Let’s find out together with what colors to combine such a garment, and what accessories to supplement, so as not to overload the image. If you are afraid of buying a striped dress, because you do not know where to wear it, you can discard all doubts: such an element of the wardrobe is suitable for summer walks, trips to the beach. Strict style is perfect business business woman for office everyday life.

If you choose the right clothes according to the type of figure, you can hide the imperfections of the body and emphasize its merits. This is very important for a woman who follows her appearance.There is an opinion that vertical strips are slender, while horizontal strips are broadened. But we will hasten to assure you that this is just a common myth. In fact, the correct proportions of the figure are obtained precisely because of the horizontal lines. They emphasize the waist and chest. A narrow vertical strip helps to hide several kilograms. But in this case the clothes should not be too wide. From tight-fitting products is also better to give up. Choose something mean. A narrow horizontal strip of slender full of women. Therefore, this print is the optimal solution. Also for any shape fit diagonal stripes. Choose products with infrequent repetition of the print. Consider that too close a narrow strip can ruffle in the eyes, which does not add to the image of attractiveness.

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