Best Ideas to Wear Beautiful Summer Sandals

Beautiful summer sandals  – In summer, every woman can not do without open shoes, and they choose sandals on the platform. Summer sandals on the platform are needed for both a business woman and a fashionista on vacation. In them, the legs feel comfortable, do not get tired. The fashion is returned to the platform, which was once very popular. Women and girls appreciated it and returned it to their wardrobe. Which platform to choose for the city and the beach, what models are “in the trend,” with what to wear sandals on a thick sole? We will try to answer the burning questions of women of fashion. The basic law of fashion is a sense of proportion and sense of beauty. To comply with this postulate, you need to remember some tips for choosing sandals on the platform. These shoes are very popular because it is comfortable. Smooth material adds growth, and evenly distributes the load on the foot. The legs are less tired also because the models on the thick thick soles, do not squeeze the legs like elegant boats. If you want to use it in an official setting – at work or at a business meeting in a summer cafe, select a platform no higher than 5 cm. This is a neutral option suitable for girls with “good” growth and slender legs. In addition to office clothing, you can equip them with light nerves or simple shorts. If a girl has short legs or small height – do not despair. All can be fixed with a high platform with an 8-10 cm heel. Sandals suitable for long parties or long walks. They are more stable and comfortable than high buttons. Here are beautiful summer sandals that will give inspiration for your style.

When choosing a partner in the store, you must determine when you will wear them. If it’s a casual shoe, then neutral colors should be preferred. Agreed, under every summer kit hard to find the appropriate footwear. And sandals on platforms with heels (photos) or without it, made in classic colors, will complement each ensemble in harmony. Beige, body color will make shoes into a continuation of the legs, and extend it. All white colors are welcome in summer. They are more appropriate on warm days than black or blue. The black sandals on the platform are better suited for evening dresses, and then, not for everyone. They give the impression on pictures, charms, even some extravagance. But such legs, for sure, will not remain unnoticed. You can summarize what has been said – shoes should be quality in summer clothes every day, but they should not draw special attention to themselves. Therefore, the color should be light, without a pattern. The couple is perfect for work, for shopping, touring the city. If you want to emphasize the beauty of your feet are charming, want the appearance of men interested in them, safely wearing sandals are brightly decorated. Choose models with apps, crystal, other accessories. Light blue, yellow, red wedges or high sandals will be the highlight of your image.

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